because electric bikes don't have to be ugly or expensive


35 - 50km autonomy

You can go to work, go back and then go for your favorite pizza


Rechargeable Battery

36v Battery/ 8Ah / 250W Motor


seven-speed shifter

If you run out of charge, you can still have a comfortable ride even going up


You will not arrive with sweat to your appointment

Assisted pedaling is smooth even over long distances


Maximum speed 25Km

Ideal to go fast and still avoid accidents



If you want you can upload it to the trunk of any car or even on the bus


Braking system

Front and rear disc brake, a safe quality brake to prevent accidents



It has suspension, for a quieter driving and to avoid discomfort in the back


Registration software

Each bike will be registered in our BeBikeSoft with serial and your data, so that you can access your property card, and if something happens with your bike you can report it there


Luggage rack

You can carry your luggage and free your hands while driving. Support up to 30Kg